The Real – 13 October 2017

A live recording of ‘The Real’, the 2nd movement of ‘Lacan: Ein Lehrstück’, arranged for the Monash Art Ensemble conducted by Paul Grabowsky with Jessica Aszodi and Tristram Williams as soloists. 13 October 2017, Music Auditorium, Monash University.


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Alexandra Kollontai at Festival Camino Contro Corrente 2017

Alexandra Kollontai, a new work for speaker, soprano and ensemble, based on the autobiography of Soviet revolutionary Alexandra Kollontai, will be premiered on Saturday, October 28, 2017 at the Municipal Theater of Camino al Tagliamento
in the concert titled Materiale Suono by the Ensemble L’arsenale conducted by Filippo Perocco. The event is part of Festival Camino Contro Corrente 2017, “The October Revolution”, which will take place in Camino al Tagliamento from 27th to 29th October 2017.


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The Real – 2017

On Friday 13 October 2017, 8pm, Jessica Aszodi and Tristram Williams will join Paul Grabowsky’s Monash Art Ensemble to perform ‘The Real’, which is an arrangement of the 2nd movement of Lacan: Ein Lehrstück.

Music Auditorium, Monash University, Monash Performing Arts Centre, Building 68, Clayton Campus.

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Bucharest 2017

Tamara Smolyar performs Seven Variations on Tuireamh Mhic Finín Dhuibh on Monday 22 May, in case you are up for a trip to Rumania this month. Octavian Simu and Max Packer have each contributed a variation. The original tune is a lament that dates from the death of Sylvester Ó Suilleabháin, who was thrown from his horse in 1809. To make matters worse, the lament is in the dark and dissonant Locrian mode.

Bucharest 2017.png

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Re-sound: Sublating the Symbol

Another album of Australian work by some of my wonderfully talented colleagues.
Please order directly from Ars PublicaCD cover Sublating the Symbol.

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Sweet Spots at Deutsche Oper Berlin

So the time has come to talk about Berlin 2016.

Jaslyn Robertson, Ralph Whiteoak and I will have works performed at the Deutsche Oper Berlin on November 14 later this year. The performance group is the State Youth Ensemble New Music Berlin conducted by my dear colleague and friend Jobst Liebrecht. This post is an early invitation for all my friends in Europe and of course also for my Australian friends who might hang out in Berlin at that time.

The youth ensemble will present the first performances of the newly commissioned works by Jaslyn and Ralph and perform Sweet Spots, my chamber concertino for contrabass clarinet, which was commissioned in 2006 by the Alaskan new music organisation CrossSound and premiered with Kevin Schempf as soloist.

Deutsche Oper Berlin

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How to identify musical intervals: a two-step method

two-step method

Here is something for beginning musicians to learn identify musical intervals from music notation. I have collaborated on this text with the wonderfully talented illustrator and designer Tahl Swieca, whose quirky drawings add a cheeky charm to this publication. It is available from Ars Publica.

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